Message from our President

Modern Japanese woman's lifestyle has diversified and women with various lifestyles have come out over a simple segmentation such as those who get married and become a housewife, work while raising children, choose the another path other than getting married and bearing children, go overseas to work. We'd like to make a spiritually rich, vibrant and bright society in Japan that every Japanese women can enjoy their life and spread it to all over the world. I have a keen desire to realize it.

Shouen Uemura, who is my favorite world-class Japanese woman artist, was presented with the Cultural Medal for the first time as a woman. Although she lived in the ages when "it was the most important virtue for women to get married and take care of their house", she made her way through only with a paint brush and created the everlasting beauty world by Japanese-style painting while coming under slander and envy, which gives courage to us living in modern age in Japan.

I wanted to show a strong will in women that never surrenders to anything on this painting.
My ambition is to paint the brilliant painting having a sense of purity without a trace of vulgarity. (By Shouen)

I'd like to change Japanese women's living environment and lifestyle to more affluent ones through this business. I'm not influential so much on my own but I'd like to work together with a lot of people and companies with the same goal to realize small dreams one by one.

Tatsumi Takashima
Kaleido Japan Inc.

Our company's philosophy

Propose and realize the new lifestyle in a new age.